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MT India is a non- profit organization focused on fostering Medical Transcription and RCM community in India.
MT India provides inspiration, connectivity and education to existing and aspiring Medical Transcriptionists, Billing, coding and RCM professionals, through our portal that covers knowledge, networking and mentoring.


Health Care Provider

If you are a practicing doctor/ medical office/clinic or hospital, we can help you :
  • Faster
  • Efficient
  • Secured & Reliable Transcription Services.

Medical Transcription Service Organization

If you are a medical transcription service organisation, we can help you with :
  • Quality
  • Efficiency & Cost Reduction
  • STAT transcription 24/7/365 operations available

Medical Transcriptionist /QA / Editor

If you are an experienced MT/ QA / Editor, we can help you by offering :
  • Continuous online work
  • Timely payment
  • Flexible working Schedule